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Friday, 12 April 2013

Frottage: Fun Sex Without Penetration

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Slip! Slap! Slide! All the fun of a slippery slide for adults and oh so very erotic.

Slip off the clothes.  

Slap on the oil, hand lotion or other lubricant. 

Slide along and around and over and between your partner's body - and enjoy.

For two men frottage is the sexual act of rubbing their two bodies together to provide mutual pleasure usually without anal penetration but with ejaculation.  It can be both foreplay that leads to further action or it can be an end in itself.

As foreplay-only, it’s regarded as a totally safe sex act as there is no penetration. But with so much delicious friction being created there is always the likelihood of penetration happening, whether that is planned or otherwise. It’s difficult to stop to find a condom and therefore unprotected sex can happen. It should also be remembered that even with a condom there is a likelihood of it being rendered ineffectual by the oils or other ingredients you’ve been playing with. To be totally safe, avoid intercourse and simply enjoy the slippery merrymaking you’ve been having. 

Frottage can be great fun as a variant to your regular sex romp with your male partner. If for one reason or another anal penetration is out of the question, simply drop more lubricant than usually required around his genital area and begin slipping in your erect penis between his legs every which way you can. Frottage is a special treat as it brings in to play many pleasurable parts of the body including stomach, pecs, lower stomach, groin, penis, balls, perineum and anal area.  It’s total body pleasure.

Set Up: 
It’s going to get delightfully messy, so plan ahead. If you will be sharing your frot time in a bed (and that’s the easiest and most comfortable place to do it), cover the bottom sheet with towels and slip over the top of them an old fitted sheet that doesn’t matter if it gets soiled with lubricants and cum (such play sheets should be in the cupboard of every sexual host). A plastic under sheet is also great for saving your bed linen from stains.

It’s essential that your lubricant is long lasting before it begins to dry out. A dry frot session is not much fun, so experiment with various massage oils, hand lotions and water based sexual lubricants to find which one is best for your needs. Also look in the kitchen cupboard for thick ready-made custard, chocolate sauce, cooking oils, etc  - as these add an additional taste and viscous nature to the event. You’ll enjoy the laughter and fun that such diverse every day items can bring to your pleasuring. Not every man is going to enjoy being partially covered in chocolate sauce and having it licked off him – but you can be sure it will be a sex session he won’t forget. When using these products forget about penetration as a chocolate filled anal cavity is no fun. If kitchen items are not for you, simply indulge using copious amounts of sexual lubricant.

Personal Preparation:
Body hair and frottage action are not the most compatible of combinations, so if you or your man are hirsute then a shaving session either alone or with each other as a preliminary to bed action is advised. A smooth shaven body makes an amazing runway for erotic lubricated pleasuring and if the pubic hair is also gone from the groin and balls then penis to ball sac action will send you both to pleasure heaven.

Face-to-Face Action:
Smear each torso and genital areas with lubricant. Wrap your arms around each other. Kiss, laugh, slide, slip, lube up some more, use hands to spread the lube, play with his balls, wrap your hand around his shaft and manipulate it, add you shaft and wrap the two together masturbating as a snugly held duo, rub your cock over his nipples, let him taste your sweet lube-covered manhood, plunge your cock between his balls and upper legs and externally f**k him as he grips your shaft with excitement. As you bend over him feel his erect cock slide up and down the valley of your butt cheeks, hold each other and roll around together, perhaps introduce a dildo into your partner’s anus and watch him clench his butt cheeks to hold it in whilst his stomach tightens to give you a hard runway on which to slide. You get the message - and I’m sure your imagination and lust will add many more variations.

Riding A Face-Down Partner:
If one wants or needs to be the only active partner it can be performed with the recipient face down wallowing in the sheer pleasure of his partner’s active cock plunging externally over his anus and between his butt cheeks, along the lower spine, hands spreading the lubricant as if having a massage. The active man can add pleasure to them both through additional friction by sliding all over the back and buttocks of his relaxed partner and then shoot his load on his partner’s back or crack whenever he is ready. As the active partner he’s the one in control.

Don’t forget, keep both bodies well lubricated as you’ll otherwise get friction burns and they can quickly kill the pleasure zone.

Frottage is all about doing everything with your partner that involves pleasure and the liberal use of lubricants. It’s about hands, cocks and skin areas caressing, stroking and stimulating each other. It’s about long sensual kissing whilst the bodies continue to writhe in unadulterated pleasure. It’s about shooting your load externally on to your partner or using his body to manipulate you to orgasm between his legs, into his mouth or elsewhere on his body.

It’s about intensity, pleasure, body contact and safe sex.  But above all it’s about pleasure and fun.


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