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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Happy Endings: Massage For The Bi-Curious

It is said that everyone should have a regular massage as these can be very beneficial for health.

For married and partnered men a massage with a sexually friendly masseur (usually advertised in the classified sections of gay newspapers both in print and their on-line versions) can also be a safe, intriguing and satisfying experience. It can be a first foray into the world of man pleasure without risk, guilt or questions asked and it’s in a safe, one-to-one private environment.

By choosing a gay masseur you already know that nudity won’t offend and that you will be in experienced hands. If you are seeking first and foremost a quality massage then be aware that not all practitioners are fully qualified or skilled. Many who also offer sexual services will for a short time move some oil around on you and then as quickly as possible, get you sexually aroused and masturbate you.

It should not be seen as a foregone conclusion that just because a masseur advertises in the gay press that you can expect a “happy ending” (that is, at the conclusion of the massage he will masturbate you to climax). This is something that needs to be negotiated in advance and because of prostitution laws, this in fact may be a service that is illegal to offer. The masseur may also not want to be known as a sexual service provider and will therefore advise that “this is not a sexual service”.

For a closeted bi man a massage can offer an opportunity for:

  • a genuine feel-good massage

  • a chance to be pampered by another naked man (and most don’t mind being touched up by their client whilst the massage is underway, so a chance to actually touch another man’s body, balls and penis)

  • a climax through the masseur’s skills at masturbation.  You can be guaranteed that a good masseur will always stimulate his client to a roaring erection at some stage during the massage. This is just a natural and normal reaction to being pleasured by his hands in your erogenous zones. However, don’t expect that he will let you jack him off unless there is a strong mutual attraction between the two of you

  • a chance to talk and to ask questions about gay issues both sexual and lifestyle. (Many a gay masseur could well be a counsellor if he so decided. Like hairdressers, they hear the most amazing sexual confessions from their clients, so if the chemistry is right between the two, then an enlightening conversation can happen)

  • a dip into the gay world without guilt about sex with another person (to my way of thinking one-sided masturbation is not regarded as sex – it’s simply an extension of the massage, a bonus extra).

After the massage he can return back into his heterosexual world thrilled that he feels so great. Not only has his body been relieved of stress and aches, his libido has been satisfyingly drained and maybe, he’s had a chance to express through conversation his inner feelings about being sexually curious about man sex.

It’s a win-win situation for both the masseur and his client. As a first foray for the sexually curious, having a massage with a gay provider may just be the ideal introduction to a happier sexual life without fear, guilt or altering his heterosexual image of himself. 


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  1. Hi there. As a "closeted bi man", I have enjoyed receiving massages from gay men, albeit non-professional. Stripping in a dark room and waiting for a massage is very exciting. Enjoyable in itself, and for me has always gone further.

  2. I have been massaged many times by gay men and received happy endings and was not tempted to go any further. But the last time this stud teased me and rubbed all around my hard-on and never pulled his shorts off and drove me wild. When I could not handle it anymore and I pulled his massive 8" boner out of his shorts and sucked him as he slid his finger in my hole and the next thing I knew he was mounting me and riding me to ecstasy! Then he took me to the shower got me off, cleaned me up and sent me home.